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Our Recent Comments

2019 Apr. 18 — 18:52:

About 219-984-4087:

“called here but got no reply when answered”

2019 Apr. 18 — 15:54:

About 760-369-8123:

“I have gotten four calls from this number this morning. It's an automated message saying they are Social Security and I need to contact their number right away. I am SURE it's a scam! The number they give isn't the toll free number for SS. ”

2019 Apr. 17 — 21:18:

About 647-795-3905:

“This number belongs to a catfish claiming to be an 'Elizabeth Gates' born in 1970. She supposedly attended Lord Beaverbrook High and now she is a freelance photographer somewhere near Stonehenge! She supposedly has a son. When u try to call this # ii is an answering service that never gets answered!”

2019 Apr. 17 — 21:06:

About 408-676-9155:

“There a scammer”

2019 Apr. 17 — 20:36:

About 360-687-6790:

“call this morning. I reject the call. then send voice message right away. This individual call almost every day from different states and phone numbers. Same voice and same message. Is really very annoying. Bottom line scammer. ”

2019 Apr. 17 — 19:34:

About 323-825-3888:

“Number 323-825-3888 originates from Los Angeles, California claiming to be from the Department of Social Security but that is false. This is a scam. Do not give them any of your information.”

2019 Apr. 17 — 18:30:

About 503-536-3114:

“Prostitute, trying to set up guys”

2019 Apr. 17 — 18:06:

About 984-355-1525:

“How can you say free and then expect payment?”

2019 Apr. 17 — 17:36:

About 559-461-9778:

“Spam texter at 559-313-3190 sending the following- Please call 559-461-9778 to renew EBT benefits.”

2019 Apr. 17 — 17:35:

About 559-313-3190:

“Spam texter sending the following- Please call 559-461-9778 to renew EBT benefits.”

2019 Apr. 17 — 15:31:

About 970-444-5826:

“Automatic called stated from the social security office ”

2019 Apr. 17 — 15:04:

About 803-216-1351:

“This is a scam. They are sending checks for you to cash and they are fake. But ask you to by various store cards and send them the numbers. However, it takes a while for the bank to discover about the check and you are liable ”

2019 Apr. 17 — 09:51:

About 620-538-7700:


2019 Apr. 17 — 09:18:

About 718-682-2649:

“Called me said my social security number had been hacked”

2019 Apr. 17 — 03:00:

About 775-554-7874:

“Wrong its a cellphone and at&t”

2019 Apr. 16 — 23:29:

About 603-679-4225:

“No one on line.”

2019 Apr. 16 — 22:10:

About 281-736-8320:

“Said they were from social security and my benefits had been suspended unless I pressed 1”

2019 Apr. 16 — 19:53:

About 940-241-9828:

“its a scam ”

2019 Apr. 16 — 17:53:

About 208-250-3747:

“Rude, profanity, ”

2019 Apr. 16 — 17:46:

About 615-757-9524:

“Missed call. If a caller does not have the courtesy to leave a message then I block them.....”

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There's no story. Stories are made to make you like the brand. We got fed up with scams, we got fed up with not knowing who had weird antisocial behaviour, a criminal history... whatever else about them that we wouldn't want to let our kids around them.

The Event Horizon was created with the goal of helping people not get scammed. We use excellent internet providers to guarantee a high quality service. Our platform enables honest people to share their experience with a caller. If you choose, you can access our partners' offer of a premium search on a caller, and learn even more about them.