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2019 Aug. 18 — 22:20:

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About 707-344-1049:


2019 Aug. 18 — 21:30:

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About 254-697-9527:

“Can you tell me my phone's location I lost”

2019 Aug. 18 — 20:12:

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About 484-739-4913:

“Text message to me, saying WRONG NAME,which was athe name (6)years earlier, then saying they had a GREAT MONEY MAKING OPPURTINITY......”

2019 Aug. 18 — 15:41:

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About 757-613-7591:

“this is a bogus man named Corey who works for movers and takes money”

2019 Aug. 18 — 12:35:

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About 601-201-4833 :

“Can I get a location on this phone. I have lost it. And I think it has been wiped”

2019 Aug. 18 — 02:05:

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About 213-357-9081:

“This jealous female will reach out and pretend that she slept with your boyfriend, then run and not answer you. Her name is Devyn but it should be DEVIL. She hates men.”

2019 Aug. 18 — 01:08:

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About 217-562-5288:

“Always calls Saturday evenings must be janitor cleaning or someone fooling around”

2019 Aug. 17 — 23:11:

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About 608-709-6169:

“SUPER cool ”

2019 Aug. 17 — 22:45:

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About 805-330-2148:

“Medicare and Medicaid scam to get Medicare and Medicaid numbers from low income seniors. ”

2019 Aug. 17 — 19:29:

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About 804-621-6163:

“a real caller not telemarketer ! ”

2019 Aug. 17 — 16:20:

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About 903-744-8996:

“Never mind wrong number listed the actual number is 502-684-0533”

2019 Aug. 17 — 16:19:

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About 903-744-8996:

“Possible Scammer - Aliasing as a Nigerian Bank manager named John Edward - possible address 141 Kingston Ave. Louisville, KY ”

2019 Aug. 17 — 15:56:

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About 785-301-1168:

“Calls then hangs uo”

2019 Aug. 17 — 14:09:

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About 708-426-7746:

“hey katina i miss you ”

2019 Aug. 17 — 00:19:

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About 205-526-4367:

“Got a random text from this number and they knew my name. It said "Hey there (my name). We want you to write your novel with us. Opp good utl six. munanz.com/Dp8OPa". Novel? I'm not a writer. I googled "munanz.com" and nothing came up. Links look suspicious. Won't be clicking it. Googled number. found nothing.”

2019 Aug. 16 — 23:14:

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About 650-407-2417:

“Robocall "Hi, this is Amber I'm a Social Security Disability Advisor...." This is one of those robocalls which can be programmed to interact with you and convince the caller they are a real person, but you’re receiving a call from a robot, not an actual person. I asked "Amber" if she was a robot and the call disconnected. ”

2019 Aug. 16 — 22:37:

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About 973-259-6354:

“Scam call asking for last ss# info”

2019 Aug. 16 — 22:04:

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About 518-657-1104:

“Left voicemail, just a lot of heavy breathing. CREEPY!!”

2019 Aug. 16 — 21:55:

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About 360-637-4939:


2019 Aug. 16 — 19:45:

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About 713-258-7860:

“Recorded voice mail: "The number for fraudulent activities. So when you get this message kindly call back at the earliest possible on our number before we begin with the legal proceedings..." From Houston, TX.”

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There's no story. Stories are made to make you like the brand. We got fed up with scams, we got fed up with not knowing who had weird antisocial behaviour, a criminal history... whatever else about them that we wouldn't want to let our kids around them.

The Event Horizon was created with the goal of helping people not get scammed. We use excellent internet providers to guarantee a high quality service. Our platform enables honest people to share their experience with a caller. If you choose, you can access our partners' offer of a premium search on a caller, and learn even more about them.